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Writing Music For SS3

Here is some music I wrote that is featured in the game Super Seducer 3

Super Seducer 3 is the ultimate real-world seduction sim. You get to learn cutting-edge dating tactics that draw on decades of knowledge from the world’s top gurus.

Definitely check out the game here.



Lo-Fi – Production, Mixing, Mastering

City Pop – Mixing, Mastering

Lo-Fi – Production, Mixing, Mastering

Rock – Production, mixing, mastering

Chill-Hop – Production, Mixing, Mastering

Rock – Production, Mixing

My workflow

When you have a great idea but need a solution to make it happen; that’s where I come into play. I’ll make sure we find a solution and help your music come to life.

The first thing that I always do is start with a call to set everyone’s idea on what we want to do, what we don’t want to do, how we want to do it, and any details that will go in the process of that.

Once the vision of the project is cleared, I go right into my DAW and we start creating.

I always work closely to artists I’m developing the project with, I’ll keep you updated on the smaller and bigger moves that are being made and listen to your advice/opinions/notes. Basically, WE are creating the song together.

-Hugo, BaumXmedia

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What I do


“Production” is used to define a lot of different things.

In this case, “Production” means i’ll help you take your project from point A to point Z making sure you end up with a product that you love and that defines you.

Custom Soundtrack

I’ve written music that fits games, videos, podcasts and basically all sorts of platforms.

If you have a project that is in need of some chill, lofi, hiphop, dreamy music, I might just be the person you’re looking for.


Mixing a song or a podcast’s audio are crucial steps that will give justice to the source material that you’ve recorded.

A good song will become great when mixed properly; A fine podcast will become memorable.


In today’s modern technology driven world, recording the perfect take is a luxury that not a lot of people have the time or money to afford.

Editing 12 takes to create the perfect vocal take or aligning drums to a T are common things to do and I’d be happy to do that for you!

Other Services

Other services are available such as –

  • Guitar recording
  • Guitar reamping
  • Mastering
  • Consulting
Contact us for pricing or informations on any of those services

What artists say

“It’s always a pleasure working with Hugo. Very talented, a hard worker, but also one of the most open-minded people I know. He gives honest advice and he’s a great listener, not only implying he has a great ear! He puts a lot of care into your projects and understanding your vision.”

-Flora Lin

“I have enjoyed making music with Hugo this past year or so. He’s able to work with the track you bring him and polish it until it sounds professional and radio ready.”

-Becky Young

“Working with Hugo/Baum really was an amazing experience. He has so much respect for artistry and really cares that ideas are expressed in the way you want and processed like you imagine. Thank you so much!”

-Sophia Tahura